SMT 101 Special Topic - Open Source: Linux and Web Development

SMT 101 Special Topic – Open Source: Linux and Web Development
Wednesday: 2 pm-5 pm,Final exam: February 24, 2pm-4pm, 2010.

Course Description:
A study of the Open Source Operation systems and Web Applications and their roles for Buddhism. The course will be divided into two sections: Section one will focus on Linux Operation System, Open source applications; Section two will focus on Linux Server and Open source web Content Management Systems (CMS).

Course Requirements:
Students require to read the assigned textbook before joining the class (weekly reading assignment will be given in the class).

There will be one final exam.

There will be Five assignments.
Assignment 1: Install a Linux Desktop Distro in your PCs (you will use it through the course).
Assignment 2: Create a Blog page, for example, “Study Linux Blog” to document your study.
Assignment 3: Use to format a ten-page document with Pali diacritical marks.
Assignment 4: Participates anyone one of the Buddhist Forum websites (such as,
Assignment 5: Install a Linux Web server in your PCs.

There will be One project.
Make one Linux Live CD.
Or, create a website (i.e. a Buddhist temple site) by using free hosting.

1.Class Participation 5%
2.Assignments 30%
3.One Project 25%
4.Final written exam: 40%

Course Objectives:
Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:
1.Know Linux system and use Linux Desktop
2.Know how to use Free Open source softwares and know their functions.
3.Know how to install Linux server
4.Know hot to use Open source applications to create a website.
Download Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop CD Image file:

Textbooks for SMT101 Open Source: Linux and Web Development