Buddhism and..

  1. Buddhist Ethics: Reconciling Virtue and Happiness

    This book is designed to introduce readers to contemporary issues and debates in the field of Buddhist ethics. It does this by stimulating a dialogue between Buddhism and Western ethics on the topic of well-being. The Four Noble Truths present us with a conundrum: is nirvana a state of virtue attained by following the Eightfold Path, or a state of happiness defined as freedom from suffering? If both, how are they related?

  2. Buddhism and Contemporary Society.

    This book is designed to accompany a course exploring the Buddhist response to a range of contemporary social issues. To facilitate its use as a course text each chapter is preceded by an overview of the contents and concludes with a summary of the key points. At the end of each chapter there are suggested questions for class discussion or use as essay titles at the tutor’s discretion as well as a ‘Further Reading’ section. At the end of the book, the reader will find a complete bibliography and an index of proper names, terms, and concepts.

  3. Buddhist Theology

    Jackson, Roger and John Makransky. edit. Buddhist Theology: Critical
    Reflections by Contemporary Buddhist Scholars
    . Richmond: Curzon Press,