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  1. IBC Library Barcode Printing System

    Korat Campus Barcode will start from 10439 [ Noted by Jointu -Date: 24/12/2013 ]

    Next Korat Campus Barcode started: 10,340 for all books.

    Suggest for IBC Sadao Campus, Barcode starts with B7000 etc for Buddhist Books. T000 for Thai books. C000 for Chinese books. S1000 for non-buddhist books.

    IBC Library Barcode System Documentary

    Code Type:

    Code 39 (FULL ASCII)

    Chinese Libary Start with prefic C
    Unselect Crop marks
    unselect Checksum

    Human-Readable Text:
    Font Arial
    Size: 10
    Select Use human-readable text

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  3. Drupal notes for IBC Websites

    Drupal Modules for Students Management

    School Administration

    Comment Upload module

    Disable display Taxonomy terms

    Under the theme, edit node.tpl.php, comment/or delete the following

    How to control Taxonomy Title

    Method 1: Use view to control
    Method 2: Use Taxonomy Title moduleg