Student Services

The Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs is committed to build a sense of community on campus through partnerships with academic departments, local residents, alumni, and other Buddhist organizations. In addition, Student Affairs personnel are devoted professionals who strive to develop a meaningful and lasting camaraderie among students.

Mission Statement

The mission of Student Affairs is to foster an environment supporting learning, spiritual growth, healthy lifestyle, leadership and career development and inclusiveness.

The Office of Student Affairs provides areas of opportunity to balance physical, emotional, and social well-being through participation in recreation, student organizations, on-campus employment, and community service and volunteerism.

The Student Affairs Office provides service in interpreting and updating student records, as well as general academic information and advice about degree requirements, registration and course changes, procedures for withdrawal, deferred and supplementary exams, re-reads, inter-faculty transfer, study away, academic standing and graduation.


The Office of Student Affairs endeavors to maximize each student’s learning experience resulting in productive citizenship. Each member of The Office of Student Affairs will utilize his/her professional expertise to provide experiences that advance:

  • i. Intellectual pursuits and lifelong learning
  • ii. A community that cultivates inclusiveness, respect, integrity, and responsibility
  • iii. Personal growth, spiritual development and leadership
  • iv. Interpersonal skills and harmonious relationships
  • v. Opportunities for participation, contribution, and a sense of belonging
  • vi. Health, wellness, enjoyment, and fulfillment.

Student Development and Programs