Local Guide (Khlong Ngae)

Welcome to the Khlong Ngae guide :-) Khlong Ngae is small and peaceful town between Hat Yai and Sadao. It offers a good choice of shops where you find everything you need for your daily life. If you go a little outside the town, you will discover the beauty of a landscape that is shaped by a lovely river and endless rubber forests. Wonderful places along the river invite us to enjoy nature. The shadow of the forest creates an ideal atmosphere for walking or running. IBC is located about 5km from Khlong Ngae. A lovely road with beautiful trees and flowers inspires us to use the bicycle for our journey to the college.

In this section of the IBC Intranet you will find all the needed information about local shops, restaurants, banks & post offices and about sightseeing possibilities in and around Khlong Ngae and Hat Yai.

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