Library Rules and Regulations


The International Buddhist College Library provides an environment and resources including academic books and materials for study and research. The College Library comprises of two main sections of English and Chinese, as the center for academic research and study. We are committed to facilitating the best possible academic support for Undergraduate, Post-graduate and Doctoral students to achieve the greatest potential. At present, the College Library has a total number of 20,000 book titles which are available in English, Chinese, Thai, Sanskrit and some other languages. E-library and the Multi-media Library are available as a convenience for all students. The Library seeks to create and maintain a positive and conducive learning environment in which all persons treat each other with respect and courtesy. The Library serves as a shared and common center for all students and staff.

The IBC Code of Conduct sets the standards required by all students and staff.

Access to library facilities

i. Student ID Card
The student card approved by the office of IBC will be used as the Library Card to accessing library services. Your student ID number will enable you to access the library for all items borrowed. It is your responsibility to take care of your student card, if they were borrowed by or on behalf of another user the holder of student ID number will be held responsible if the items are lost or damaged. Unless you have a student ID card from the office you will unable to borrow any materials from the library.

ii. Borrowing Facilities
All registered students, staff and teachers of IBC can enjoy the facilities and conduct themselves within the policy of the library. Students can borrow books and materials with a maximum number. Staff may require the permission from the office of administration to borrow any material from the library. Professors and Lecturers will be assisted by the librarian with any of their requirements.

iii. Reference Books
Reference books are not borrowed out of the Library. Students will have time to read, photocopy and scan with the permission of librarian. Professors and Lecturers will be considered in the term of borrowing.

iv. Online Catalog
Students, staff and teachers can freely search the available books of the library through the Online Catalog in three major languages without any restriction; for English: and for Chinese and Thai:

v. E-Library
E-Library is especially for e-learning students. Full-time students may access the books from our E-Library site or Full-time students can login to the site and download ebooks.

vi. Multi-media Library
Multi-media Library is freely available for all students, staff and teachers to access the collections of records of lectures, Buddhist movies, CD and language learning courses:

vii. Photo-copy and Print-out
A student has to pay 2 bahts for each print and 1 baht for each photo-copy.

IBC Library Code of Conduct

i. Behavior
Disruptive behaviors are disrespectful to other library users and thus are not tolerated.

ii. Borrowing Materials
Students are required to comply with due dates when returning and renewing   materials,   and   make   reasonable   attempts   to   return overdue items, particularly when holds have been placed by other users. Borrowing materials are given for 15 days. Charge will be upon on the overdue (3 bahts for a day).

iii. Cell Phone
Cell phones are not permitted in the library.

iv. Noise and Conversation
The library encourages quiet conversation and collaboration to foster academic work.   Students   should   refrain from loud or disruptive conversations or other noisy behaviors. Conversation is not permitted in designated quiet study areas.  Personal Walkmans or CD players with earphones are permitted provided volumes are kept low.

v. Re-shelving
Students   are   asked not to re-shelve library materials. Used materials should be left out on tables or in designated areas for library staff to re-shelve. This helps to track material use and reduces mis-shelving.

vi. Food and Drink
Eating and drinking are not permitted in the library.  Spillage can damage library materials and equipment, and attract insects and other vermin.

vii. Use of Electronic Equipment
When using library equipment, follow posted instructions. Ask library staff for assistance if necessary.

Library Prohibited Activities
In order to maintain a quality library collection and safe environment, the following activities  will  not   be permitted  in  the library:
i. Concealment of library materials by hiding materials for one’s exclusive use. Not only does this restrict other’s access to materials but misplaced materials may become lost in the collection.
ii. Mutilation of library materials, including marking pages with pens, highlighters or other instruments; tearing or removal of pages; removing security devices, purposely damaging materials or any other library property.
iii. Theft of library materials or property, or the property of library users or staff.
 iv. Harassing, violent, threatening or unlawful behaviour.
v. Conversation on mobile phone within the library area.
vi. The Information in Detail

English Section:

IBC Library pertains approximately more than 9900 titled books of different subjects in English language. The major books are about Buddhism and there are also comparative studies, western philosophical thoughts and psychological books are available in a small collection. The books are about: Ancient Indian Civilization, Emergence of Buddhism, Early Buddhism, Buddhist Suttas, Sectarian Buddhist Schools, Abhidharmic Schools (Theravada, Sarvastivada), Abhidharma, Theravada Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, Buddhist Philosophy (Madhyamika and Yogacara Buddhist Schools), Indian Buddhism, Chinese Buddhism (Chan/Zen, Pure Land, and Tian Tai Buddhism), Japanese Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Buddhist Ethics, Buddhist Meditation, Buddhism and Science, Buddhism and Psychology, Buddhist Figures, Anthropology, World Religions, Western Philosophy and Psychology, Sociology, Pali Literature, English Literature and etc.

A Student is allowed at least 5 books to borrow for one time period of 15 days.

Students will be charged if do not return these books on time. The charged amount will be notified to you by Librarian.
Students have the facility to re-borrow the same title book for two more times.

There is an on-line catalog in the English section to search for a book by title and writer 's name. The website is: (

Chinese Section:

IBC Library pertains approximately more than 8900 titled books of different subjects in Chinese language. The subject areas of existing books and the rules of borrowing materials are the same as English section.

There is an on-line catalog in the Chinese section to search for a book by title and writer 's name. The website is: (

VDO/VCD/CD Section:

IBC Library pertains few hundreds of documentaries, lectures, movies on Buddhism and language courses in VDO/VCD/CD copy.
1.A Student is allowed at least 2 VDO/VCD/CD copies with 3 books to be borrowed for one time period of 15 days.
2.See the rule of English Section.
3.See the rule of English Section.

Reference Section:

IBC Library has a section for references which pertains approximately more than a thousand books on different subjects. The books include these titles: Tri-Pitaka of Theravada Buddhism (in English Translation), Tri-Pitaka of Theravada Buddhism (in Thai Translation), Tri-Pitaka of Theravada Buddhism (in Burmese Translation), Encyclopedia of Buddhism, Buddhist Iconography, Encyclopedia Britannica, The Sacred Text of East, Tibetan Buddhism, Encyclopedia of Jainism, Buddhist Dictionary (Pali- English, English -Pali and Sanskrit -English), English Grammar and Story, Books of His Majesty The King of Kingdom of Thailand, English Dictionary and Thesis-Independent Studies of IBC Students.

The books of Reference Section are not available to borrow, but students can study and photocopy with the permission of librarian.


IBC Library provides the facility for student to read the magazines, journals and important documents of different institutions. These material are not available to borrow.

Reading News Paper:

There are daily news papers in English, Chinese and Thai language. If student want can borrow the old version news-paper for 5 days.

Printing and Photo Copy:

A student has to pay 2 bahts for each print and 1 baht for each photo-copy.


IBC Library also operates an e-library especially for E-Learning students however, if a full-time student requires book from e-library, permission must be given by the Librarian or any authority of IBC Library. To search books from the e-library a student can visit ( or ). There are different type of academic books, dictionaries and English Translation of Pali Tripitaka. A Multi media Library is also available. ( or ) where documentaries, lectures, public speeches and language learning videos and mp3.