Academic Services

Academic Adviser

The Academic Affairs faculty advisers (Academic Advisers) are available throughout the academic year to assist students. They are experts in the rules, regulations, and requirements pertaining to specific degree programs. They provide on-going advice and guidance on such student affairs issues as program selection, course registration, credit load, and deadlines. They offer help in managing academic situations during periods of personal, financial, or medical problems, by working with students to identify various possibilities and strategies for making informed decisions. An Academic Adviser will be assigned to each student and will be responsible for taking care of the student academic matters throughout the whole course of study in International Buddhist College.

English Intensive Class

The English Intensive Class is mainly for the College students who do not have sufficient knowledge in writing, speaking and listening in the English language and not able to carry out their studies in the English medium degree course. This English Intensive Class will enable students to gain skills in listening and speaking, reading and writing including grammar.

Computer Center

The computer center will provide the facilities to staff members and all students of IBC. All users are required to comply with the rules and regulations as belows:

Rules and regulations in Computer Room


  • i. Do love and care for IBC computers.
  • ii. Do remember to turn off the computers after use.
  • iii. Do save your data into your personal USB drive for pre-caution.
  • iv. Do keep IBC computer room clean, tidy and in good order.
  • v. Do seek help from the person in-charge for any computer problems.


i. Do not install or remove any software in IBC computers.

ii. Do not visit any pornography sites..

iii. Do not remove the connector hub, lines or cables installed.

iv. Do not bring in food and drinks.