Non-Local Students

Visa Requirement

All non-local students have to obtain Non-Immigrant Ed/student visa to study at International Buddhist College, Songkhla, Thailand. The Office of Student Recruitment of International Buddhist College provides the official documents for visa application to applicants who have already enrolled as Full-Time student in the College. Students please note that after receiving the official documents from the College for visa application have to submit their personal data and all official documents to the Royal Thai Embassy/Consulate of their respective native country for obtaining the Non-Immigrant Ed/student visa.

Non-local student staying in Thailand

Notification of staying in Thailand for more than 90 days: The student together with all the supporting documents of studying in IBC has to report to the immigration every 90days of staying in Thailand. Please take note that it should be done 7 working days before the expiry date.

Extension of Visa

The student has to inform the Administration Office for visa extension one month before the expiry date. Under the Thai Immigration Law, the student will have to pay a fine if the visa has expired.

Re-entry permit

Non-local students who wish to leave Thailand for a short period of time must apply for re-entry permit to re-enter the Kingdom of Thailand. This should be done before leaving Thailand.

Student guide

The Office of Student Affairs facilitates a Student Guide with more information on visa matters for newcomers, especially non-local students.