College Setting

IBC maintains its land bank of 110 acres, adequate for its future development and expansion. The present campus of International Buddhist College now occupies about ten percent of the area earmarked for its first phase of development. The campus consists of the main complex, the Most Venerable Siew Ching Memorial Building housing the multipurpose hall, library and Information and Communication Technology Center; the Administrative Wing; and the Tung Lin Kok Yuen Academic Wing, which were all completed in 2004 for the commencement of its academic programs in October of the same year. In the few years that followed up until the end of the 2007 academic year, a number of buildings were added and these include two residential blocks for the staff and students; several annexes such as kitchen, generator and guard houses; and the still to be completed sports court and kutis. The built-up campus was fenced off to improve privacy and security of the campus.

Facilities in the planning for the first phase of development but yet to be implemented include the establishment of a temple with meditation and accommodation facilities for the students of each major Buddhist tradition present in IBC. These include the Theravada Temple and Mahayana Temple in the immediate future and a Vajrayana Temple in the not too distant future.

Physical Facilities

International Buddhist College is well-equipped to meet the educational and living needs of the resident students and teaching staff. The College has a large wooded campus of over a hundred acres, quiet and relatively secluded in rural setting ideal for living, learning and spiritual cultivation.

College Complex

The College complex consists of the huge, centrally imposing the Most Venerable Siew Ching Memorial Building that houses the Multipurpose Auditorium on the upper floor, library and computer laboratory on the ground floor, and the Medical Treatment Room at one corner of the concourse. It is flanked on one side by the Tung Lin Kok Yuen (Hong Kong) Academic Building and on another side by the Academic-cum-Administrative Block.

The Multipurpose Auditorium has a seating capacity up to 1000. The library holds more than 10, 000 titles, in hard copy books and in electronic versions, most of which are in English, the rest are in other languages such as Chinese, Sanskrit, Tibetan and Thai, for research and other purposes. The Chinese collection was substantially increased over the year to serve the expanding bilingual curricula of the graduate and post graduate academic programs. The multilingual collections serve the bilingual academic programs well. The library is well-connected; its catalogues can be accessed online. Internet access is provided. There are wi-fi areas established at various points throughout the campus and residential area.

The classrooms are on the ground floor of the Tung Lin Kok Yuen Building. There are postgraduate rooms situated adjacent to the library for easy access to the books they need to refer for their research work.