Every student is required to register on admission to the College. In order to register you must:

  • i. Complete the registration form upon your first arrival to The International Buddhist College and return it to the registration counter during the New Student registration day.
  • ii. Pay the fees and caution fee to the administration office.
  • iii. Collect your Student Registration Card.

Please complete the form with care, ensuring that the information provided is clear and legible. Do not leave blank any section which you are required to complete.

Student Registration Card

The Student Registration Card is an evidence of your registration as a student of this College. The card is issued to new students on their completion of the registration procedure.

Regulations for Student Registration Card

  • i. The Student Registration Card is a student's personal identification document and should be carried for access to the College premises and its facilities.
  • ii. The Card is considered as College property and is not transferable.
  • iii. Misuse or falsification of the card constitutes a major offense, and is subject to disciplinary action.
  • iv. Students must return their cards to the College on cessation of studies for whatever reason. The card should be returned to The Office of Student Affairs, and students will be liable to a charge of THB300 if they fail to do so. The College, at its discretion, may require a student to return the card at any time.
  • v. If you have lost your card, you must report immediately to The Office of Student Affairs by writing in. A penalty fee of THB300 will be charged for issuing a replacement card.

Changes of Personal Particulars

You should notify to The Office of Student Affairs (Student Records Section) in writing of any changes in your personal particulars after registration (e.g. change of address, telephone number, email address etc.). Requests to change the record of your name, ID card number, place of birth, date of birth or nationality must be supported by legal documentary evidence.

The College assumes that your legal name is the one recorded at the time of your admission, which should be the same as that which appears on your Identification Card (Thai) or Passport. The College will not consider any application for changes to be made in the College’s record unless the application is supported by legal documentary evidence.

Withdrawal of Studies

If a student is contemplating withdrawal from his studies, please consult the Student Affairs Director before doing so to discuss the options. A student who wants to withdraw from College officially must complete the “Withdrawal of Study Form”, which can be obtained from The Office of Student Affairs.