Pali Canon

  1. Dhammapada Verses and Stories

    The Dhammapada is the second book of the Khuddaka Nikāya of the Sutta(nta) Pi aka, consisting of 423 verses in 26 chapters arranged under various headings. These verses were culled from various discourses given by the Buddha in the course of 45 years of his teaching, as he travelled in the valley of the Ganges (Ganga) and the sub-mountain tract of the Himalayas. Through them the Buddha exhorts one to achieve that greatest of all conquests, the conquest of self; to escape from the evils of craving, aversion and ignorance; and to strive hard to attain freedom from the round of rebirths.

  2. Abhidhamma Studies Buddhist Explorations of consciousness and Time

    These studies originated when the author was engaged in translating into German the Dhammasaṅgaṇī (“Compendium of Phenomena”) and its commentary, the Atthasālinī. These two books are the starting point and the main subject of the following pages that, in part, may serve as a kind of fragmentary subcommentary to them.

  3. The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha: A New Translation of the Majjhima Nikaya

    Cover 1
    Contents 5
    Introduction 19
    A Summary of the 152 Suttas 61
    Part One - The Root Fifty Discourses 79
    Chapter 1 - The Division of the Discourse on the Root 81
    1 - Mūlapariyāya Sutta 83
    2 - Sabbāsava Sutta 91
    3 - Dhammadāyāda Sutta 97
    4 - Bhayabherava Sutta 102
    5 - Anangaṇa Sutta 108
    6 - Akankheyya Sutta 115
    7 - Vatthūpama Sutta 118
    8 - Sallekha Sutta 123
    9 - Sammādiṭṭhi Sutta 132
    10 - Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta 145
    Chapter 2 - The Division of the Lion’s Roar 157

  4. The connected discourses of the Buddha: a new translation of the Saṃyutta Nikāya

    General Contents 7
    Preface 11
    Key to the Pronunciation of Pali 19
    General Introduction 21
    PART I: The Book with Verses (Sagāthavagga)
    Contents 59
    Introduction 69
    1 Devatāsaṃyutta: Connected Discourses with Devatās 89
    2 Devaputtasaṃyutta: Connected Discourses with Young Devas 139
    3 Kosalasaṃyutta: Connected Discourses with the Kosalan 164
    4 Mārasarṃyutta: Connected Discourses with Mara 195
    5 Bhikkhunīsaṃyutta: Connected Discourses with Bhikkhunis 221
    6 Brahmasatμyutta: Connected Discourses with Brahmas 231

  5. The long discourses of the Buddha: a translation of the Digha Nikaya

    The Digha Nikaya, or "Long Discourses" of the Buddha, is the first of the five Nikayas (collections) of the Sutta Pitaka. This Nikaya consists of 34 discourses by the Buddha and his chief disciples and deals with a variety of topics such as the rewards of monastic life, early Buddhist philosophy and guidance to laypersons. It also contains some of the most famous discourses such as 'The last days of the Buddha' or the 'Four foundations of mindfulness'.