IBC Logo and Motto

Logo of International Buddhist College

The Motto

“Bahunam Vata Atthaya” means “For the Good of the Many”. The whole logo represents sunrise over the sea and signifies progress and development in education and religion.

The Design

The willow branch in a vase is for karuna (compassion), metta (loving kindness) and sila (morality).
The wheel with eight spokes, for the dhamma (teachings of the Buddha) and religion.
The rope around the logo is for strength and unity.
The Lai Chin, for continuity, togetherness and harmony.
The waves, for the ocean, enormous and pure.
The book and pen for education and research.

The Colors

Blue stands for respect for the King,
Yellow for Religion,
White for purity and morality,
Red for loyalty to land and country,
Green for peace and harmony,
Orange for sunshine which represents success.

Therefore, the seal, insignia and symbol of International Buddhist College in total meaning is regarded as “the sun rising above the water in the bright morning like the education and knowledge along with kindness and religion”.