The Buddhist Psychology of Awakening: An In-Depth Guide to Abhidharma

Steven D
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Shambhala Publications
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  • "From the introduction: It was written primarily for those who have or might develop an interest in the very basic Buddhist teachings associated with what Tibetan traditions call the "first turning" of the wheel of the Dharma. Here is grouped teachings on proper conduct (Vinaya) and Discourses (Sutras) and Commentaries (Shastras) on basic teachings which came to be gathered together under the rubric of Higher Dharma (Abhidharma). The teachings on Higher Dharma have, to date, are, for the most part, rather technical, consisting of main points and enumerated lists of basic factors (dharmas) of phenomena mentioned in the Buddha sutras. There is a rich codification of such teachings preserved in the Pali language, and thereafter in the Theravadin abhidhamma literature. In addition, there are a different set of texts used by the living traditions associated with Indo-Tibetan Buddhist lineages, preserved in Sanskrit (and, also in translation into Tibetan, Chinese and Mongolian languages). It is the Indo-Tibetan traditions which are explored in this book. I have chosen to give an account, an approach which strives to bring out a lively, relevant and novel way to apply some of the key approaches of the Higher Dharma to a contemporary non-specialist readership"-- Provided by publisher.

  • Contents

  • What is the Abhidharma? -- Everything is Dharmas -- Exploring the nature of self and reality -- Six channels of perception -- Dhatus and channel processing -- Tuning into experience -- Moments of a meditator -- Exploring channel processing -- Mind -- The elements -- Mental factors -- Benefits of Abhidharma study.

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  • Goodman, Steven D. The Buddhist Psychology of Awakening: An In-Depth Guide to Abhidharma. Colorado: Shambhala Publications. 2020.