A History of India

Hermann Kulke and Dietmar Rothermund
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London and New York
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Hermann Kulke studied Indology (Sanskrit) and history at Freiburg University and did his PhD thesis on the Cidambaram Mahatmya, a text which encompasses the tradition of the South Indian temple city Chidambaram. His second major book was on the Gajapati kingship of Orissa. He has actively participated in the Orissa Research Project of the German Research Council and was co-editor of The Cult of Jagannath and the Regional Tradition of Orissa.......

He has also worked on Indian historiography and medieval state formation in India and Indonesia and on the Devaraja cult of Angkor. Recently he published a book on state formation and legitimation in India and Southeast Asia and edited The State in India 1000–1700. In 1988 he was called to the new Chair of Asian History at Kiel University. The distance between Heidelberg and Kiel has not reduced the contacts with his co-author.

Dietmar Rothermund studied history and philosophy at Marburg and Munich Universities and at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, where he did his PhD thesis on the history of eighteenth-century Pennsylvania. He then went to India and worked on a history of the Indian freedom movement which was published in 1965. He subsequently published a book on India and the Soviet Union and a detailed research monograph on agrarian relations in India under British rule. His most recent publication is a comprehensive political biography of Mahatma Gandhi. He participated in the Dhanbad Project of the South Asia Interdisciplinary Regional Research Programme. This project was devoted to the study of the history, economy and social conditions of an Indian coalfield and its rural hinterland..........



Kulke, Hermann, and Dietmar Rothermund. A History of India. 3rd ed. Routledge: London and New York. 1998.