Kaccāyana Pāli grammar Vol-2

: Translated into English with Additional Notes, Simple Explanations and Tables
A. Thitzana
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Washington, USA
Pariyatti Press
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An earnest student with serious interest needs a very basic, thorough understanding and careful study about the structural patterns of words and their morphological process. This can be achieved only through studying its original grammatical text along with detailed explanations on the rules known as Suttas and the accompanying word examples shown alongside in the Suttas. In other words, there is no replacement for an original ancient text with a ready-made, short-cut guide though it may fill some language-learning need but not in such a way as an original text can certainly do. An original grammar text written at a distant time when the ancient grammatical concepts and rules were conceptualized and formulated by the ancient sages, can clearly explain all aspects of the language and its grammar.


Kaccayana Pali Grammar. Ed. Vol. 2.  A. Thitzana. Washington: Pariyatti Publishing, 2016. Print.