Early Buddhist Theory Of Knowledge

K. N. Jayatilleke
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Ven. Zhi Lian and Jiang Li Ping
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This book is based primarily on the source material available in the Pali Canon, studied historically and philosophically in the light of the contemporary, earlier and later literary evidence related to the subject. The antiquity and authenticity of the material is vouchsafed by the literary, linguistic, ideological, sociological, and historical evidence existing into Pali Canon itself. The book traces the origin of the theory of knowledge and its development in early Buddhism.

The author of this volume, an accomplished philologist, historian and philosopher, analyzes the relevant earlier and later texts and traces the epistemological foundations of Pali canonical thought from the Vedic period onwards. Originally published in 1963, it sheds new light on later developments and elucidates from the Indian point of view some of the basic problems of the conflict between metaphysics and logical and linguistic analysis.