Secrets of the Lotus

An Introduction to Buddhist Meditation
Donald K. Swearer, Chao Khun Sobhana Dhammasudhi, Eshin Nishimura

Within the context of contemporary Western Buddhism, Secrets of the Lotus provides a unique collection of materials on Buddhist meditation. It it includes translations of and commentaries on foundational meditation texts in the Theravada and Japanese Zen traditions:

• The Satipatthana Sutta, the Vimuttimagga, the Zazen-gi with Mumon Yamada Roshi's teisho, and Hakuin's commentary on the Heart Sutra

• A discussion of zazen within the Rinzai tradition by a contemporary Zen Priest (the Rev. Eshin Nishimura);

• And an interpretation of mindfulness meditation by a contemporary Thai meditation master (the Venerable Dhammasudhi).