The Treatise on Action by Vasubandhu
Trans. Etienne Lamotte
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Asian Humanities Press
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Valuable companion work to the Abhidharmakosa, re-translated from the French work of the master scholar Lamotte, and dealing with a variety of philosophical problems connected with the law of karma.

The teaching of karma, or the law of cause and effect, forms the cornerstone of the whole Buddhist doctrine: action is the ultimate explanation of human existence and of the physical world, and it is in terms of karma that the Buddhist masters have constructed their philosophy. This work includes a history of the teaching of karma, and the views of the different philosophical schools - the Sarvastivadin-Vaibhasika school, the Vatsiputrya-Sammitiya, the Sautrantika, the Vijnanavadin-Yogacara, and the Madhyamaka.