The Universal Vehicle Discourse Literature (Mahayanasutralamkara)

Maitryanatha/Aryasanga Together with its Commentary (Bhasya) By Vasubandhu
Translators: Jamspal, R.Clark, J.Wilson, L.Zwilling, M.Sweet, R. Thurman
Publish Place: 
New York
American Institute of Buddhist Studies
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This is a fully annotated, critical English translation of Maitreyanatha's Universal Vehicle Discourse Literature (Mahayanasutralamkara), as transmitted to the fourth-century Indian Buddhist scholar-adept Ärya Asanga, along with its commentary (bhasya) by Asanga's brother Vasubandhu. A wellspring of the "magnificent deeds trend of the path," the Discourse Literature emphasizes the compassion side of Buddhist thought. Includes an introduction covering essential historical and philosophical topics, a bibliography, and detailed index.