The Shadow of the Dalai Lama

Sexuality, Magic and Politics in Tibetan Buddhism
Translated by Mark Penny
Victor & Victoria Trimondi
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Given the recent discussion of Trivedi this book is significant in showing how such magical and mythical beliefs in a superman leader with a super race of followers is inherent to Tibetan Buddhism. It's is no wonder then that a certain brand of integral is also sold on Tibetan Buddhism, since its own narrative is astonishingly akin.

From the introduction: "The list of accusations goes on and on. Here we present some of the charges raised against the Kundun since 1997 which we treat in more detail in this study: association with the Japanese “poison gas guru” Shoko Asahara (the “Asahara affair”); violent suppression of the free expression of religion within his own ranks (the “Shugden affair”); the splitting of the other Buddhist sects (the “Karmapa affair”); frequent sexual abuse of women by Tibetan lamas (“Sogyal Rinpoche and June Campbell affairs”); intolerance towards homosexuals; involvement in a ritual murder (the events of February 4, 1997); links to National Socialism (the “Heinrich Harrer affair”); nepotism (the “Yabshi affair”); selling out his own country to the Chinese (renunciation of Tibetan sovereignty); political lies; rewriting history; and much more."