The Autobiography & Maxims of Chan Master Han Shan

Text Translated by Upasaka Richard Cheung
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Honolulu, Hawaii
Hsu Yun Temple
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This is the Autobiography & Maxims of Chan (Zen) Master Han Shan who lived in China from 1546 to 1623.

From the intro: “In Chan, every wayfarer knows that he can find refuge in the Buddhist Dharma. There is alwaysroom for him in that most comfortable of Inns. And reflection upon his improving sense of wellbeing that peace, joy, and freedom he increasingly feels will reliably locate his position on the steep ascent. But what about those critical times when he finds himself fallen or lost? Who will arrive to extend a helping hand and be his companion until he is healed and steady on his feet? When he is confused,who will be there to point him in the right direction? When he is lost, whose footprints will appear to lead him back to the True Path? To a traveler on the Chan Path, that helping hand, that good advice and companionship are provided by Master Han Shan.”