Samadhi for Liberation

Venerable Ajahn Anan Akincano
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Rayong Province, Thailand
Wat Mab Chan
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Samadhi for Liberation consists of short, advanced and personal instructions for medition by Ajahn Anan Akincano: “With the heart being at ease, there may be the feeling that our body expand. Our body becomes imbued with blissful feelings called piti, waves of joy and rapture rolling on to the shore. When piti is strong, we might experience the body becoming light, as if it was floating up in the air. The body is light, the mind is light, still and peaceful. If these experiences in meditation come up for just for a few moments, they are called khanika-samadhi, momentary concentration. Khanika means little. If a state like this lasts longer, for example five, ten or fifteen minutes, or half an hour, this means, the heart is entering a state of deeper peace. This is called upacara -samadhi – a state of concentration that is almost still, or almost entering jhana.”