The book of Oneself

Jiddu Krishnamurti
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A Dialogue With Oneself by J. Krishnamurti is a two-part short book. It consists of a discussion on love and attachment and discussion known as the Brockwood Park 1st Public Dialogue held at 30th August 1977.

From the book: “I started out having a dialogue with myself. I asked myself what is this strange thing called love; everybody talks about it, writes about it – all the romantic poems, pictures, sex and all other areas of it? I ask: is there such a thing as love? I see it does not exist when there is jealousy, hatred, fear. So I am not concerned with love anymore; I am concerned with `what is’, my fear, my attachment. Why am I attached? I see that one of the reasons – I do not say it is the whole reason – is that I am desperately lonely, isolated. The older I grow the more isolated I become. So I watch it.”