Amata Dhamma – Six Talks on Dhamma

Ajaan Moha Boowa Nanasampanno; trans; Ajaan Surchad Sujato
Publish Place: 
Udon Thani, Thailand
A Forest Dhamma Publication

Amata Dhamma – Six Talks on Dhamma. From the intro: “The Dhamma of Buddha was expounded correctly and properly. It was not hidden or obscure but was presented according to the truths existing on every level of Dhamma. It proclaims, for example, that virtue and vice, hell, heaven and Nibbãna really do exist, that kilesas are true, that they are real and that they prevail just like the other more apparent things. There are no contradictions, so why are these things a problem for us? The Dhamma was openly presented. There was nothing esoteric and mystical about it. It was expounded entirely in accordance with truth – the facts that actually exist. It was presented on every level of truth, and yet we cannot understand it. It is as if the Lord is saying,“Look here! Look at this!” to the blind and deaf. Apparently we are like the blind, who can grope but cannot see. Wherever we go we always bump into dukkha, although the Lord already told us what dukkha was like. Though we might understand it, we still keep running into it. He told us that dukkha is harmful but we are constantly caught by it because ourmotives – and the way we follow them – are entirely for the amassing of dukkha which onlyburns us.”