Mae Chee Kaew

Her Journey to Spiritual Awakening & Enlightenment
Bhikkhu Silaratano
Publish Place: 
Udon thani, Thailand
A Forest Dhamma Publication
Publish Year: 

This book presents the life and the practice of a woman who reached the pinnacle of Buddhist practice. She was known as Mae Chee Kaew. Mae Chee Kaew felt the calling to a spiritual life at an early age. Blessed as a girl with the good fortune to meet some of the most renowned meditation masters of her era, she took their teachings on meditation to heart and, with youthful enthusiasm, earnestly put them into practice. Due to a favorable disposition, she soon developed into a child prodigy, skilled in the art of samādhi meditation. When familial circumstances intervened to prevent her from undertaking a religious vocation, she bided her time patiently, waiting to take advantage of the earliest opportunity. After twenty years of unsatisfactory marriage, a door finally opened for Mae Chee Kaewand she stepped through, entering a life of renunciation.