Engaging in Bodhisattva Behaviour

Shantideva; trans; Alexander Berzin
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Engaging in Bodhisattva Behaviour (sPyod-‘jug, Bodhisattvacharya-avatara) by Shantideva is text translated from Tibetan by Alexander Berzin, 2005. It was composed by the teacher Shantideva (first half of the eighth century C. E.). It was translated into Tibetan,edited, and settled upon from a Kashmiri manuscript by the learned Indian master Sarvajna-deva and the editor-translator monk Peltseg (early ninth century C. E.). It was then corrected in accordance with a Magadha edition and commentary, retranslated and settled upon by the learned Indian master Dharma-shribhadra and the editor-translator monks Rinchen-zangpo (958 – 1051) and Shakya-lodro. Then, at a later time, it was further corrected, retranslated, and finalized by the learned Indian master Sumati-kirtiand the editor-translator monk Loden-sherab (1059 – 1109).