How to make ebooks

For how to set up a scanner and scan a book, please see:

How to use Paperport to edit an exist PDF books?

Required softares: 1. Paperport 9 2. Rename programs 3. Adobe Acrobat 7 (any PDF printer) The procedure to make PDF ebooks:

First Step

1. Use PaperPort to import the PDF file 2. "Unstack All pagers" for the imported file (my file.max) 3. Exist PaperPort

Second Step

4. Open a Rename program 5. Rename "Page 1" to "Page 9" as 001 to 009 6. Rename "Page 10" to "Page 99" as 010 to 099 7. Rename "Page 100" to "Page 999" as 100 to 999 8. If you have more than 999 pagers, Copy them to another folder and rename them later.

Third Step

9. Dupilicate all files as "copy of xxx" 10. Use Rename program to rename, for example "copy of 001" as "001b", "copy of 002" as "002b" and so on.

Fourth Step

11. Open Paperport to arrange all files by Name. 12. Start to edit (crop) all pages. 13. When finish editing, check the missing pages. If you miss something, scann or export them from the origianl PDF ifles. 14. "Stack All Pagers" 15. Sent to PDF printer or Adobe Acrobat. Acrobat7 Trial Version