Buddhist Sciology

Nandasena Ratnapala
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Sri Satguru
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Made by Ven. Rahulananda 2008
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The present study based on Buddhist thought consists of a series of essays on different topics that interest a sociologist or an anthropologist of the present day. The material is primarily taken from early Buddhist texts. The Pali texts are accepted as the earliest available Buddhist sources, and as such, those sources were given the foremost attention. Later Pali as well as Sanskrit sources are used only to expand, elaborate or elucidate what is already found in the “oroginal teachings” or early Buddhist thought.

The treatise includes thoughts about the following topics: Methodology in Buddhist Thought, Family, Socialization, Social Stratification, Woman and Society, Political Theory, Buddhist Economics, Buddhism and Education, Crime and Social Control, Violence, Terrorism and Buddhism, Alcohol and Intoxicants and Buddhist Philosophy of Health.