A Rose for Your Pocket

An Appreciation of Motherhood
Thich Nhat Hanh
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Parallax Press
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In A Rose for Your Pocket, Thich Nhat Hanh invites children of all ages to reflect on the question: Have you loved your mother enough? This lovely prose poem, a gentle reminder of the qualities embodied by mothers, leads the reader to a new and deeper appreciation of his or her mother, whether she is still alive or has passed away. Nhat Hanh shows how motherhood is celebrated in different cultures and shares the story of how his desire to become a monk affected his relationship with his own mother.

Previously available only as a small, staple-bound booklet, this completely redesigned and revised edition contains the original text along with additional material on motherhood based on Nhat Hanh’s more recent teachings. It also includes a meditation on the “Interbeing” of mother and child, teachings on mindfulness and finding one’s true home, and instructions for the beautiful Rose Ceremony.