Abhidhamma Studies Buddhist Explorations of consciousness and Time

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Buddhist Publication Society
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Reprint 2007
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These studies originated when the author was engaged in translating into German the Dhammasaṅgaṇī (“Compendium of Phenomena”) and its commentary, the Atthasālinī. These two books are the starting point and the main subject of the following pages that, in part, may serve as a kind of fragmentary subcommentary to them.

The content of these studies is rather varied: they include philosophical and psychological investigations, references to the practical application of the teachings concerned, pointers to neglected or unnoticed aspects of the Abhidhamma, textual research, etc. This variety of contents serves to show that wherever we dig deep enough into that inexhaustible mine, the Abhidhamma literature, we shall meet with valuable contributions to the theoretical understanding and practical realization of Buddhist doctrine. So the main purpose of these pages is to stimulate further research in the field of Abhidhamma to a much wider and deeper extent than was possible in this modest attempt.

Bibliography: Nanaponika Thera. Abhidhamma Studies Buddhist Explorations of consciousness and Time. ed. Bhikkhu Bodhi. Kandy: Buddhist Publication Society. Reprint 2007.