News and Events

  1. International Buddhist College 10 th Anniversary Seminar 2014

    Orgised by International Buddhist College
    Sponsored by Than Hsiang Foundation & Malaysian Buddhist Kulapati Association
    International Buddhist College 10 th Anniversary Seminar 2014
    Kumārajīva – the Great Translator
    06.09.2014 Shah Alam Buddhist Society
    07.09.2014 Than Hsiang Temple

    莎亚南佛学会 06.09.2014

    1. Professor Kamal Sheel 卡迈勒•谢尔教授
    Kumārajīva: Some Observations on His life and Contribution

  2. “Buddhist Studies in the Contemporary World” Keynote speech by Prof. Willemen

    (Bangkok, Dec. 14, 2013) -- Prof. Willemen delivered a Keynote speech at WBU International Conference on “Buddhist Studies in Contemporary World.” The conference was to Commemorate the Centenary of the Thai Supreme Patriarch Somdej Phra Ñañasangvara held at Viangtai Hotel, Bangkok, 14 December 2013. 

    See, the photo gallery of the events.

  3. New IBC Website has been launched

    These days the ICT team has launched a new revision of the IBC website. On the new website you find information about IBC, about its lecturers and students and about the academic curriculum. Furthermore we launched local guides with information about Pak Thong Chai (Korat campus) and Khlong Ngae (Sadao campus). Finally you find a photo gallery with many impressions about IBC, its people and surroundings.